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Multiple Domain Names: To Buy or Not To Buy?

When setting up their website, most business owners tend to think in terms of a single domain name. However, there is good reason to consider purchasing more than one domain name. What are these reasons? How can you reap benefits with more than one domain name? Actually, there are numerous reasons why you should consider this for your business. Here, you’ll find some excellent reasons why this is so.

Keep Ahead of the Competition – Business can be a cutthroat situation. You can bet that if you do not register a domain name variant of your business, then your competitors will. Why would they do this? Simply put, it can be used to siphon off your customers, bringing those customers to your competitors’ pages.

Promote Other Products and Services – If you have multiple domain names, you can promote other products and services that you offer. In fact, multiple domain names can be the key to increased profitability and ROI, by allowing you to easily market all that your company offers.

Increase Web Traffic – Multiple domain names can be a simple way to increase the web traffic that you need for profitability. Obviously, no website can be successful without traffic, and having several domain names working for you can help to ensure that you are able to drive the amount of traffic that you need to that website.

Better SEO – Having multiple domain names also ensures that you are able to increase your presence through search engines. You’ll have a tremendously increased presence with more than one domain name, and you’ll be able to market to search engines much more easily.

Targeted Advertising – Yet another distinct advantage of having multiple domain names is the fact that you can target get domain to specific consumer subsections. This helps ensure that each website appeals to your specific demographic for those products or services listed.

Help Your Customers Find You – With the increase in visibility through search engine use, you’ll ensure that your customers can find you, even if they can’t remember if your website is a .com, .biz, .net or .org. Along with this, you can utilize common misspellings of your domain name to reap even more benefits (and keep those misspellings out of your competitor’s hands!).

Multiple domains have become so important that buying and selling domain names has become a booming, viable business of its own. In addition, most domain names increase with value over time, leading to better ROI and profitability. However, in order for a domain name to become more valuable, it must be managed correctly – the domain must have an established flow of traffic, and an entrenched presence online (a positive one).

What should you look for in a domain name? You’ll need to ensure that it matches your business, but it shouldn’t be too long. Long domains are unwieldy, hard to remember and often mistyped. Therefore, make sure that you choose a domain that’s easy to remember and easily spelled. Once you have purchased a domain name, you’ll need to find a webhost to host that website, before you can start reaping all the benefits of your new online presence.