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Can Your Real Estate Agency Benefit from an Online Presence?

While the housing market might not be what it was several years ago, it is still a profitable business, and it is rebounding all over America.  However, if you are a real estate agent, broker or reseller without a website and the right online presence, you will find that your results are far from satisfactory.  How might you go about developing an online presence that will offer you greater success?

The first consideration for realtors and broker agencies is to set up the right website.  Your website needs to clearly identify what it is you do, whether that is specializing in commercial or residential properties, or whether you sell high rises, houses, condos or something else.  Your website needs to clearly identify what you offer, so that your visitors will immediately understand your value to them.

Your website needs to use good SEO practices, by implementing the right keywords throughout your website design, as well as by optimizing your images, your internal code and your site structure for the best possible navigation.  You should also ensure that you have lots of functionality built into the site, so that your visitors can easily get to the section that is of most value to them.  For instance, those who want to lease, are not going to want to wade through information on how to invest in real estate.  Those who want to rent will not be interested in how to buy real estate.

Next up, you need to make sure that you practice good search engine marketing, as well.  This means ensuring that you have the right linking strategies setup and more.  For instance, you need to target the right keywords with your PPC ads.  You might choose to target “offices” or “shopping centers” if you specialize in these areas, or you can choose keywords that apply to consumers looking into buying houses, condos or apartments.

In addition, you need to make use of social media marketing in your real estate business.  Consumers today want to have a personal relationship with the professionals with which they deal.  This means that you need to share and interact with your customer base through websites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as through your blog and other avenues of marketing.  Email marketing can also be a very valuable tool here.

Generating the results you seek with your online efforts can be time consuming and frustrating if you are not an expert.  Thankfully, ebmmc offers all of these services, as well as the results that you demand.