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Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in Articles | 0 comments

The Essential Consideration of Online Marketing for Automotive Companies

The Essential Consideration of Online Marketing for Automotive Companies

The Essential Consideration of Online Marketing for Automotive Companies

Whether you represent a mechanic shop or an auto dealership, doing business in the modern world means that you will have to use something other than traditional print or radio advertising.  The best option here is to use online marketing methods.  What sort of marketing might you need?  Here, you’ll find a glimpse of the best possible combination.

It starts with your website.  Your website needs to identify your company, and set you apart from the competition in the minds of your visitors and customers.  To do this, you need to leverage your brand, your identity and your reputation.  For instance, a Mercedes dealership and a Honda dealership will have very different websites, including different colors schemes and different layouts.  However, each needs to include solid functionality for users, as well as unique design and a good domain name.

On your website, you will need to include your services or features, as well as why they are valuable to your customers.  For instance, if you offer oil change service, why should your visitors choose you over the shop down the road?  What makes you different?  If you offer engine and transmission repairs, what makes your company different from the dozens of others out there?  This might be anything – you might offer a “loaner” car for use while repairs are being made, or you might give your website visitors valuable coupons to help them save money on their repairs and service.

Making your company stand out online also means include search engine optimization and search engine marketing in your list of “must do” items.  SEO is a collection of techniques designed to make your website more visible to search engine spiders and visitors.  SEM is designed to use elements of SEO, as well as PPC campaigns and linking strategies to give you higher placement in search engine results.
Email marketing is another important consideration here.  You can use this strategy to your advantage by sending valuable coupons directly to your existing customers.  For instance, you might send them a coupon for a discount on a new set of tires, which encourages them to come into the shop, where you can then sell them other needed services to help ensure that their vehicle continues running correctly.

As you might imagine, it can be difficult to achieve all of these goals on your own.  The best option is to choose a specialist company like ebmmc, that provides all of these services and more.