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Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in Articles | 0 comments

Can Medical Professionals Benefit from Online Marketing?

Can Medical Professionals Benefit from Online Marketing?

Retail businesses have been using online marketing and websites to their benefit for several years.  However, can medical professionals also use these tools to increase their success?  The answer to this question is a resounding “yes.”  Here’s a brief look at how that can be accomplished.

The first order of business is to design the right website.  Your website should reflect your practice, whether you’re a family practitioner, an orthodontist, a dentist or an optometrist.  Your website needs to inform visitors about what you offer, what sets you apart from other practitioners, and why they should choose you.  It does this through a combination of site colors, images, style and design.  Functionality is also a key ingredient.

Doctors, dentists and optometrists can also benefit from search engine optimization, or SEO.  By including viable keywords in your site’s text and underlying structure (internal code), you are able to generate better visibility for search engine spiders, and, thus, for your potential visitors.  However, SEO works best when paired with SEM, or search engine marketing.  SEO is an element of SEM, but you will also find other tactics here, including PPC campaigns, link exchanges and contextual linking strategies, paid search results and more.

If you really want to generate a good image for your practice, whether you’re a chiropractor or a dermatologist, you also need to harness the power of social media. Using websites like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter, in conjunction with your website and a blog can help you develop the online reputation that you want.  This is a vital concern in the modern world, as potential patients are not content with seeing you as some faceless medical specialist.  They want to know you, to interact with you and share in your triumphs and joys.

Of course, social media marketing is not the only thing you can do.  Medical practices can benefit considerably from using email marketing.  You can send your customers coupons for discounts on eye exams or on initial consultations.  You can send out surveys to find out what your customers think about your office, your staff, their experience and your service, as well.

Accomplishing these goals is vital, but that means you will need to find an experienced company to help you out.  ebmmc can provide you with all the services listed above, as well as many others, all of which will help boost your success.