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It’s All about Location

It’s All about Location

Location is one of the most frequently touted fundamental aspects in many industries. Consider the real estate mantra, “location, location, location.” Location is no less important for your business than it is for real estate agents. How so, you ask? Simply put, using your location in your marketing efforts offers a number of benefits and can be accomplished in several different ways. The benefits offered include boosting your customer retention, giving customers a reason to buy and driving the purchase decision, and even turning your customers into advocates for your company.

Most customers are more than happy to buy from a company in their local area. In fact, quite a few people would rather buy from a company with a local presence than a national conglomerate or an Internet business. You can turn this to your advantage by creating marketing materials and engaging in location specific promotions. What might these options include?

You can easily create informational marketing for the Internet that encourages your customers to visit a specific location in their area. These articles can be hosted on your website or on a blog. Due to the time sensitive nature of many types of these promotions, though, they might not be the best content for article directories. However, you can ask your online network partners to host your article or blog post to drive more traffic to your location.

What should be the point of this marketing, though? Simply put, you want customers to visit your location, wherever this might be. You need to give them a reason to do so. The best option is to mix promotional offerings with viable information that both entices potential customers with added value and also offers them real benefits.

For instance, you might offer a raffle for in-store customers only, with the prize being something of actual value to your customers. You might choose offer some sort of punch card promotion for store visitors (punch in five times and you win X). You might also offer special deals for those who come into the store and mentions something from your website. Perhaps you have a special promo code on your site, or you want your customers to mention the name of your blog. This can turn those online readers into in-store customers, encourage them to come in and make a purchase and even help incite them to tell others about your location.