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Posted by on Sep 9, 2013 in Branding | 0 comments

Branding Is More than Just a Logo

Branding Is More than Just a Logo

Branding Is More than Just a Logo

Branding – it is a very popular term in business today, and with companies looking to move beyond local scope and to reach national or even international notoriety, it is also an absolutely essential business concept. Unfortunately, many companies, often new but sometimes even established veterans, will approach a design team with the expectation that a new and flashy logo will be what is needed to help redesign a business and to give it brand recognition. It makes sense on the surface – you look at a pair of golden arches and you think about cheap, fast burgers and fries. But when you delve deeper into any company, you will find that there are nearly limitless variables that create a brand and that the logo is only a tiny part of the equation.

So What Is a Brand?

To really look at the brand of a company, you need to know a better definition. While the public lexicon may state that a brand is simply the name of a company, such as Kleenex versus facial tissues, the underlying concept is much bigger. The brand encompasses everything that a prospective customer thinks of when they look at your name or logo.

A brand is comprised of a number of things, all of which must be considered when trying to build upon it. Your brand is certainly associated with your name, logo, and company slogan or tagline, but it is much more than this. Your brand is your level of customer service, the way you interact with your customers both in person and online, and even your overall business strategy. Your brand is the mood and persona that your company emits in advertising and on social networking pages. Your brand is, in essence, the very personality of your business. Understand this and you have a better idea how to build it.


Your Brand Is Your Backbone

Just as your brand is comprised of everything associated with your business, from your employees to your offices, it is also everything that people will consider when determining if they want to do business with you. Sit down and determine the persona and mentality you want your company to project and figure out how to make every aspect of your company into the very embodiment of these traits. Your brand and your company need to be perfectly aligned, with one mirroring the other. When you achieve this, you are creating something marketable that is capable of generating the results you want.