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About Us

Here at EBM we feel that organic rankings are the best way to market a new website. Why? Because organic rankings allow for stronger focus, much more than a PPC or banner ad. This is because the user is actually searching for a specific keyword phrase, a subject that your website knows a great deal about. The average user knows that typically, organic search results will offer the most relevant content. No wonder an astounding 70% of search engine visitors click on organic results and not PPC ads!

Why pour your money into PPC or banner ads when it’s such a short-term experiment? As soon as you run out of capital, so the ads stop and so the other 30% of viewers never find your site. Search engine marketing may cost you initially, but it will earn you traffic forever, or at least until you take your website down.

At EBM, we place our primary focus on Search Engine Optimization, as it is the best tool for web development and earning quality traffic. That said, we also have experience in social media optimization, video or viral marketing and social bookmarking. In our experience, it seems that a combination of all of these options, as well as a lead SEO campaign, is the most effective. Whereas PPC ads can be expensive and lead to high volume but low conversion traffic, Search engine marketing is cheap and can continue to build traffic for life.

Even if you are just starting out in this business and don’t even have a website to call your own, we can help you with that too. We offer SEO services, quality writing and web development for the Internet newcomers. Within a short period of time your site will be professionally developed and SEO-ready with its own unique domain name!

Let EBM be your one-stop resource for all of your search engine marketing and web development needs. Whether you are a niche market or a growing commercial website with broad appeal, we can help you reach your maximum potential! The Internet is waiting for your presence…we can build it for you!

Our Mission

To help businesses create, maintain and market a profitable online business by providing innovative marketing ideas and techniques. ebmmc is dedicated to helping companies achieve their online business objectives through creative and new marketing solutions.

Our Vision

To build online business communities where companies can create, integrate and market a profitable online business.